This page summarizes my entrepreneurial activities, notably my company founding activities as well as advisory board and mentoring activities.

1. Founder & Cofounder

  • Worldsensing. I have held various executive roles in Worldsensing, a company I cofounded. Since early 2013, I am a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Worldsensing worldwide, where I reports to investors, shape the company strategy on international expansion and help secure important sales bids. From 2009-2012, I have been the CTO where I impacted the choice and use of wireless technologies for Worldsensing’s product portfolio; and also negotiated major tenders for the company, notably the Moscow smart parking tender. Worldsensing has become one of the world’s leading B2B instrumentation companies, leveraging its knowledge in the Industrial Internet and Machine-to-Machine technologies. It had press coverage by the BBC and the Wall Street Journal. It closed its latest investment round of $5m early 2013. It employes around 50 people worldwide, i.e. in Barcelona and London. It sells successfully into the smart traffic market as part of the Smart City developments (FastPrk, Sensefields, BitCarrier) and the industrial monitoring markets (Loadsensing, Spidernano).
  • Sensefields. I was instrumental in setting up this joint venture between Worldsensing and Cedinsa (construction giant). Sensefields specialized in high-precision car-counting sensors. It employs 30 people and has a large footprint in Europe.
  • Pre-iBeacon. A venture which did not work out in the end because too early and too inexperienced, but in 2003 at King’s we had invented the concept of iBeacon with exactly the same applications as Apple envisages. We filed a few key patents, and founded a company which unfortunately didn’t work out – but it was a great experience.

2. Advising & Advisory Board

  • 5G-Courses. The CEO, Piotr, has drawn me into this venture and I remain highly excited about it. In fact, I believe in the platform so much that I contributed with a course of my own, i.e. “IoT in 5G”.
  • TheThings.IO. am a big fan of this Barcelona-born IoT platform. I have seen Marc Pous and his business grow over past months. This is very promising!
  • Moving Beans. What a business model and vision! I believe this could be the quickest growing company selling Nespresso, Lavazza A Modo Mio and Dolce Gusto coffee capsules online.
  • Cityzenith. I joined the Strategic Advisory Council as I believe in Michael’s vision on this next-generation data company.

3. Mentoring & Judging