This page lists various innovation activities in form of entrepreneurship, mentoring, innovation policy contributions, standards, industry committees, granted patents as well as selected industry projects.

1. Entrepreneurship

  • Worldsensing. I have held various executive roles in Worldsensing, a company I cofounded. Since early 2013, I am a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Worldsensing worldwide, where I reports to investors, shape the company strategy on international expansion and help secure important sales bids. From 2009-2012, I have been the CTO where I impacted the choice and use of wireless technologies for Worldsensing’s product portfolio; and also negotiated major tenders for the company, notably the Moscow smart parking tender. Worldsensing has become one of the world’s leading B2B instrumentation companies, leveraging its knowledge in the Industrial Internet and Machine-to-Machine technologies. It had press coverage by the BBC and the Wall Street Journal. It closed its latest investment round of $5m early 2013. It employes around 50 people worldwide, i.e. in Barcelona and London. It sells successfully into the smart traffic market as part of the Smart City developments (FastPrk, Sensefields, BitCarrier) and the industrial monitoring markets (Loadsensing, Spidernano).
  • Moving Beans. One of the most exciting businesses I have started. We pioneered Nespresso-compatible Compostable Coffee Pods – We Have Revamped Our Youtube Channel, with great coffee and affordable to all.
  • SiriusInsight.AI. Innovative business which I co-founded and where I acted as CTO. The focus of the company is on situational awareness for the maritime industry.
  • 5G-Courses [past]. The CEO, Piotr, has drawn me as narrator and then co-founder into this venture and I remain highly excited about it. In fact, I believe in the platform so much that I contributed with a course of my own, i.e. “IoT in 5G”.

Mentoring & Judging

3. Innovation Policy

  • Policy response to Nation Spectrum Consortium (NSC), USA, 2022.
  • FCC (US Regulator) Technical Advisory Committee, 2022-ongoing.
  • Ofcom (UK Regulator) Spectrum Advisory Board, 2016-ongoing.
  • Global Digital Governance, with Cambridge University
  • From 5G to 6G Governance, with Cambridge University and D Simeonidou
  • Security of UK Telecommunications for the UK Parliament
  • Round-table in Brussels on Net Neutrality regulation
  • Advice to UK National Infrastructure Commission on 5G
  • Contributor to Lord Adonis’ King’s Commission on London 2029
  • UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills on 5G, IoT, entrepreneurship
  • UK House of Commons on Innovation, Digital Agenda, 5G and the IoT
  • “Foresight Europe 2030” initiative on next-generation technology
  • Policy input to UK’s Design Council for their report on “Restarting Britain III”
  • Adviser to Innovate UK’s Connected Digital Economy Catapult on IoT
  • Strategy document for the Digital Policy Alliance (Lord Erroll & Parliamentary Chair J Huppert MP)
  • Adviser/contributor to Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room initiative
  • Policy contributor for Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy
  • Spectrum policy work for the International Telecommunications Union
  • M2M policy for EC’s Body of European Regulators (BEREC)
  • Adviser to the European Commission on the Future Internet & H2020

4. Standards

5. Committees

  • IEEE 5G Initiative, “5G Roadmap” Chair, 2016-2018.
  • IEEE ComSoc Emerging Technologies Tactile Internet Sub-Committee: Vice-Chair, 2015-2017.
  • IEEE Computer Society (CS) Special Technical Communities (STC) on the Internet-of-Everything (IoE): Vice-Chair, 2015-2016.
  • UK ITU-T Coordination Committee, 2015-2016.

6. Patents

  • A. Kountouris, D. Barthel, Mischa Dohler, A. Bartoli, JH Serrano, M. Soriano, “PHY-Layer Security Through Preamble Authentication,” PCT/FR2012/051352, priority date 17/06/2011.
  • T. Watteyne, Mischa Dohler, I. Augé-Blum, S. Ubeda, “Utilisation de coordonnées virtuelles et de transformation centroïde pour le routage dans les réseaux de capteurs,” filed by France Télécom R&D, 2007.
  • A. Saadani, Mischa Dohler, “On advanced relaying schemes,” filed by France Telecom R&D, 2007.
  • M. Ghozzi, Mischa Dohler, “Detection and Estimation of Primary System for Cognitive Radios,” filed by France Télécom R&D, 2007.
  • M. Ghozzi, Mischa Dohler, M. Arndt, “Test for vacancy of frequency band,” filed by France Télécom R&D, 2006.
  • J. Lu, F. Valois, D. Barthel, Mischa Dohler, “Procédé pour organiser un réseau d’objets communicants,” filed by France Télécom R&D, 2006.
  • T. Watteyne, A. Bachir, Mischa Dohler, D. Barthel, I. Augé-Blum, “A low-energy adaptive cross-layer communication protocol for avoiding 1-hop neighborhood knowledge,” filed by France Télécom R&D, 2006.
  • A. Lodhi, F. Said, Mischa Dohler, A.H. Aghvami, “Low Complexity STC,” filed by King’s College London, 2005.
  • P.A. Pangalos, A.H. Aghvami, V.A. Friderikos, Mischa Dohler, “A method of mapping a first interface to a second interface, and people presence estimation method,” filed by King’s College London, 2005.
  • P.A. Pangalos, A.H. Aghvami, V.A. Friderikos, Mischa Dohler, “A method of mapping a first interface to a second interface,” filed by King’s College London, 2005.
  • P.A. Pangalos, A.H. Aghvami, V.A. Friderikos, Mischa Dohler, “People presence estimation method,” filed by King’s College London, 2005.
  • Mischa Dohler, A.H. Aghvami, F. Said, S.A. Ghorashi, “Virtual Antenna Arrays and distributed cooperative communication systems,” filed by King’s College London, 2001.

7. Industry Projects

  • Consultancy (2015-2021). I am an experienced tech consultant, with focus on patent litigations, tech strategy, as well as business and market analysis.
  • Ericsson (2015-2021). I am engaged in a very exciting 5G and Tactile Internet industry project with Ericsson, with more information given here.
  • DoCoMo (2004-2005). I was engaged in a MIMO transceiver design project with DoCoMo, Munich.