My piano compositions and improvisations are available on my iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora and another 200 global music platforms. I have published 5 albums so far. The 5th Album, “Stories From Another World”, has been launched in Los Angeles 21 March 2017.

2017-04-19 09.31.03 Please, follow me on Spotify.

NYC/London-based artist Ali Hossaini has been using my first piece of my 5th album “Stories From Another World” for his incredibly powerful visual exhibit “Ouroboros” at the 2016 NY Times arts conference “Art for Tomorrow“. Verbatim citation from the event website: “London-based composer Mischa Dohler has created original music for the Art for Tomorrow Qatar exhibition.”


Cover_Photo_Album_4    Cover_Photo_Album_4

Cover_Photo    Cover_Photo

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