Monthly Archives: January 2024


I have always had a deep fascination with how humanity’s perception of time has evolved, shaping our interactions with the world and each other. From the present-focused lives of Hunter-Gatherers, through the Agricultural Revolution’s forward gaze nurtured by the needs of crops, to the Industrial Revolution’s backward glance seeking optimization from the past, each epoch has uniquely contributed to our collective consciousness, and understanding of the Present, Future and Past.

Humanity has historically been cast into three distinct silos: the Past, where scientists toil to decode the gifts of nature; the Present, where artists strive to interpret the daily human condition; and the Future, where engineers envision and create from the void. This segmentation, although productive, often overlooks the potential of interdisciplinary synergy.

Historically, the Renaissance stands as a testament to the power of bridging these silos, igniting a period of unprecedented creativity and innovation. Today, I argue, we stand on the cusp of a new renaissance, one where the symbiosis between humans and machines catalyzes a leap into uncharted territories of coexistence and collaborative creation.

My professional endeavors reflect this belief. In medicine, the advent of 5G-enabled telesurgery represents a bond between healthcare and technology, pointing towards a future where distance and latency no longer hinder life-saving interventions. In the arts, our work with the National Gallery and the National Theatre reveals a shift from transactional to value-driven engagements, highlighting how digital enhancements can deepen our appreciation and understanding of art. Here, technology and creativity converge, not as adversaries, but as partners in innovation.

The ethos of creation over consumption permeates my family life as well. Encouraging our daughters to be creators, we have witnessed firsthand the birth of new renaissance individuals. Dalia combines her martial arts prowess with her artistic talent, transforming broken karate boards into canvases for her paintings. With Noa, we have married tech with the performing art in a groundbreaking and creative way in 2018, which has inspired the pioneering holographic concert of Lang Lang at MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

Yet, a new era is being ushered in: I call it the Era of HumAInity. It is an emerging era with a blend of human ingenuity and AI’s capabilities. My thoughts are increasingly occupied by the challenges and opportunities this coexistence presents. How do we prepare ourselves, our families, and humanity at large for a world where machines are not just tools, but partners? The Era of humAInity demands a reevaluation of our roles, responsibilities, and potentialities in a shared world.