White House 6G

Felt privileged to represent our industry at a full-day 6G event organized by the National Security Council, The White House.

We had some fantastic speakers, including Anne Neuberger, Deputy Assistant to the President & NSC; Jessica Rosenworcel, Chairwoman of the FCC; Alan Davidson, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce & NTIA; and Sethuraman Panchanathan, Director of the NSF.

The technical panels covered 6G technologies, skills, funding and spectrum. I was on the opening 6G tech panel with Tingfang Ji (Qualcomm) and Azita Arvani (Rakuten) and chaired by energetic Robert C. Hampshire (USG DoT).

Post event, The White House’s National Security Council released its principles for 6G technologies. Prior to that, the FCC released its “Principles for Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum and Opportunities for New Services”.

Policy is moving; now it’s for the industry to make 6G happen!

“Stranger Things” Crew

I was privileged to attend an amazing and truly eye-opening two-day workshop in Hollywood, LA, learning about latest production technologies. I met some of the best people in the field, from innovators to directors and even actors. The highlight to me was to meet in person the wonderful and truly humble crew behind the edits of “Stranger Things”.

On Amazon Prime

Really proud to be on Amazon Prime as part of an amazing series on cross-disciplinary innovation with the famous 3-Star Michelin Roca Brothers. Commissioned by The Macallan, “Distil Your World London” is a journey of learning and change. You can watch it on Amazon Prime UK under https://www.amazon.co.uk/London/dp/B08PCR4Z2P.  For any other territories, just search for “Distil Your World London”. There is more information about the project on The Macallan website.


Pioneering 5G Concert

“World’s First 5G Music Lesson by Superstar Jamie Cullum”

OMG. We pulled it off again and demonstrated the magic of 5G. What a night! Jamie is now my favourite musician, not only because of his incredible music but also because of him being such a warm human being. All this was done for the wonderful charity Music For All. More info is under https://www.facebook.com/musicforallcharity/videos/1331546793678732/.