5G & 6G Spectrum Tutorial

Today, I co-delivered a unique tutorial on U.S and global 5G and 6G spectrum challenges, in Washington DC. My co-speakers were veterans in all things spectrum: Charles Cooper (NTIA), Monisha Ghosh (former CTO FCC) and Ira Keltz (FCC).

Spectrum is the lifeblood of telecoms. If you work on 5G/6G (not only spectrum!) and are in industry, academia or government, you really should check out the tutorial slides “Riding the New Wave: Spectrum Strategies for the 5G and 6G Era”.

Here the outline of the tutorial:
1. Introduction by Mischa: Kickstart the tutorial with an overview of key spectrum challenges and opportunities.
2. Overview of Spectrum Landscape by Ira: Understand the evolving spectrum landscape, in the U.S. and globally.
3. 6G Spectrum Deepdive by Mischa: Delve deeper into the roadmap from 5G to 6G, focusing on technologies, spectrum needs and open research & policy challenges.
4. Coexistence & Spectrum Sharing by Monisha: Explore the cutting-edge strategies for efficient spectrum sharing.
5. US Spectrum Priorities by Charles: Learn about the current priorities and strategies shaping the contemporary U.S. spectrum policy.
6G. Conclusions and Q&A

The slides are available here, and a photo for the memory book is below.

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