Another great day at H-Farm, this time with Francesca Bellettini, the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, now Yves Laurent. Is she the most down-to-earth CEO of a global brand? What a wonderful person, and so smart — asking the right questions and making incredible observations. YSL is really lucky to having her!


Caffè Nero’s Co-Founder

Spent the day with noneless than Pablo Ettinger, the co-founder of Caffè Nero. He grew the famous coffee chain into a >£100m business. We talked about my company Moving Beans and the challenges around selling coffee and being sustainable. But we also talked about music. Yes! Pablo is actually a musician, a pianist, like me. This is the reason you hear amazing classical music when sitting in at Caffè Nero. He is now supporting emerging artists. Truly inspiring!

World’s First 5G Concert

At King’s, we did the world’s first 5G concert. Whilst networked performances had been done before, it was the first time that a “commodity” system was used which everybody has access to. I was playing the piano in Berlin under the Brandenburger Tor, whilst my daughter Noa was singing in London in the Guildhall. The latency was just under 20ms and gave us a complete feeling of immediacy. What an emotional night that was! We have discussed the challenges in a 2020 TEDx talk.

5th Album Released in LA

I launched my 5th album “Stories From Another World” in Los Angeles today, with my record label. And we did it in style! Playing in front of 4,000 people. I cannot deny that I was very, very nervous but it went all well! For many years, I had stage fright and the best way to overcome it was, I thought, by going big. That was my largest piano performance. Ever!

Royal Society of Arts

I couldn’t believe that news. I was just elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. All the hard work over past years to evangelize technology into the arts and pushing for co-design technology/arts has paid off, not to mention my music compositions. I am very happy and proud to be part of one of the most creative group of people on the planet.